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CBD for Me-A Possibility?

By on August 21, 2020

Another part of Physical Wellness is the taking of natural supplements. If you are reading this it probably means that you have at least heard about CBD. And, you are probably wondering “Is CBD for me?” There is so much information and misinformation out there. It can be very confusing to try to sift through it all to get to the so called “truth”. Let me see if I can provide some clarity here from my own research.

What is CBD

Let me say up front that I’m not a scientist or doctor. Just an average Joe that heard about CBD about a year ago. And decided to educate myself about it. I will try to explain things as simply as possible to suit the average person. Won’t go into too much scientific details. There is more than enough of that available on the internet.

First off, the basics. CBD or Cannabidiol is one of about 80 chemicals or cannabinoids found in the Cannabis family of plants. This genus comprises the marijuana plant and the hemp plant. Most people may be more familiar with the marijuana plant and its recreational use to get “high”. While there are cannabinoids and CBD in the marijuana plant, the higher occurring chemical is THC. This is the psychoactive component responsible for the “high”. The hemp plant on the other hand is made up with a majority of CBD with only trace amounts of THC present. You cannot get high on CBD.

OK, so the legalities. CBD products derived from hemp and having less than 0.3% THC are legal to possess under federal law. The problem is that CBD can also be processed from the marijuana plant and could have a higher amount of THC. This is still sold as CBD but is technically illegal. Therefor, it is really important to know what you are buying and using.


The confusion is further compounded, because federal legality doesn’t automatically mean state legality. Depending on which state you live in it could be completely illegal. Or, legal with restrictions eg. can’t be used in food and beverages etc. It is important to check out the specific legalities for the state that you live in.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in charge of making the federal regulations for the CBD industry. This is a work in progress as it is not a simple project. A lot more information from scientific testing is needed and that is very expensive. Only one product so far has been approved as a pharmaceutical drug. All other products fall under the category of “supplements” which allow them to be sold over the counter. Because of the lack of FDA regulations at this time, any and everything is being sold out there. While there are many good products, there are also scam products out there. It is basically up to the consumer to research the different brands and their ingredients etc for themselves.

The FDA prohibits brands from making medical claims about their products. This is because the thorough testing has not been done to substantiate those claims. So, what is the average person to do? Most of the information around is hearsay and advertisement by companies and their “experts”. I personally do my own research and listen carefully to people that have had actual results. Both positive and negative. Having now found the right product for me through trial and error. I can share a little about how I arrived at where I am now.

What CBD is Good For

Depending on who you talk and listen to, CBD is a wonder drug and can cure everything. I’m sure you’ve heard many urban legends of a friend of my girlfriend’s brother’s boss’s best friend’s uncle being cured of brain cancer in 3 months. Because there are few scientific test results available most information is anecdotal. But like detectives from long ago we can ask questions and do research into these claims. Not all of them are real, but not all of them are fake either.

I can tell you that I have heard some of the stories. I listened and sorted through and found people that actually had results. As well as my own personal experiences. I will only share what I know has worked for me as well as for others that I have actually seen the results myself. For me, I tried a few products and have settled on one now which I have been taking for the last 6-7 months. I can definitely say that it has helped with my stress and anxiety and has also increased my quality of sleep every night. This is also a common result that I hear from most of the users that I talked to. I will do some product reviews in another blog. But if you want further information, please feel free to comment or contact me.

What to Look For

I decided which CBD product to try after long research. Really questioned the sellers and also customers who were using the products and learned lots. First thing, where and how is the hemp used in your products grown? Is it GMO? Do they use pesticides and weedicides in the soil? Hemp is known as a bio accumulator. This means that it absorbs whatever chemicals are in the soil and this will end up in your products.

Are the products triple lab tested? This means that the product is tested 3 times by accredited labs along the manufacturing process, from harvest to final point of sale.

Does the packaging tell you the amount of CBD actually contained in it? This is very important especially when it comes to working out your own personal dosage. These are some basic questions you should look into when choosing a product. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want any more information.

Is CBD for Me?

How do you know if CBD is right for you? Obviously, the first thing to do is to consult with your doctor before starting. Especially if you have other health issues. As a supplement for basically healthy people, it is very good. It is all natural with no artificial chemicals added. You can choose products that contain only CBD or with some THC. Depending on what ailment you are attempting to treat. Everyone is different and so what might work for one person will not necessarily work for another. But there is a good variety of products on the market so there is something for everyone out there. Hope this was helpful and look forward to hearing from you.

6 comments on “CBD for Me-A Possibility?

  1. I like how you’ve taken  your time to put together this interesting and resourceful article, to me , the best first thing and the best thing to do when you’re getting exposed to a potentially good product is consulting a medical practitioner in order for you to know if the product is good for your health. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comments. I had heart bypass surgery in January and after consulting with my doctor have restarted my CBD regimen. Feel great. I can only report on my personal progress so, keeping it real.

  2. Hello Mark, we all have to appreciate the benefits of the end product and it’s really nice as you have put up this article as more people will be able to benefit from it and its nice like that. For me I had made use of the end product in the past and after getting some anxiety attack, I just have to ui back to using the CBD product again and it’s good 

    1. Thanks for your comments Justin. I must say that since I’ve been using my CBD I’ve noticed a real drop in my anxiety levels as well as getting better sleep. Never believed it would work so well. I’m a convert!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful and insightful article with us. The prime element of this article is about CBD. It is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your article and developed a lot of knowledge about it. I like Is CBD for Me? of the points mentioned in your article. I think CBD oil is very important for health but in this case, it should be taken according to the doctor’s advice which I have been taking for a long time.
    Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so I want to share the subject of the article in my social media group to inform people about CBD Oil so that everyone can benefit from using it.

    1. Thanks for your comments! It’s always good to check with your doctor before trying anything new. And please feel free to share as you wish.

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